Coming Summer 2016

A new romantic read every two weeks set at Camp Firefly Falls--a sleepaway camp for grownups.

Are you ready for the summer? Camp Firefly Falls, a sexy sleepaway summer camp for grownups is ready for you...

Rediscover a former crush...all grown up. Or maybe kindle a new romance by the light of the campfire.

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Fall into a world of sun-kissed days that seem to last forever...and oh...those summer nights.......
We are thrilled to announce a connected series of seven “escape from real life” stories set at Camp Firefly Falls, a fictional sleepaway camp for grownups, set in the Berkshires.

Are you thinking of Dirty Dancing? Yeah. So were we. And Indian Summer. All those fantasies we had about making out on a dock, sneaking into the woods late at night, and making fast friends and slow, sweet crushes? We've been writing about all that and more, and we can't wait to share our stories with you.

But this isn’t a flashback to our youth (at least not entirely). We’ve got hot, sexy, modern, adult stories, intersecting with some of your favourite romance series, from award-winning and bestselling authors Farrah Rochon, Gwen Hayes, Jamie Wesley, Lily Danes, Violet Vaughn and Zoe York.